Face Line

Softening Cleansing milk for normal to mixed skin type with Marigold

Softening Cleansing milk for dry/delicate skin with Mallow and Yarrow

Cleansing milk for oily skin with Sage and Propolis

Tonic Lotion for normal / mixed skin with Marigold

Tonic Lotion for dry / delicate skin with Camomile

Tonic Lotion for oily skin with Witch-Hazel and Grapefruit

Decongestant moisturizing emollient mask with Aloe and Apricot

Moisturizing elasticity mask

Astringent mask

White clay mask for normal / delicate skin

Clay-propolis mask

Protective antioxidant action mask

Face / neck  Hyaluronic Acid Liposomes cream

Antistress moisturizing cream

Revital anti - wrinkle treatment

Nourishing cream royale

Purifying Propolis and Grapefruit cream

Marigold cream 12%


Glycolic Acid cream 8%

Rosacea treatment cream

Rebalancing acid cream

Snail cream 24 hours

Rosacea serum

Anti-Age serum

Revital anti-age serum, filler effect

Hyaluronic acid serum

Serum Gel 15


Anti-age face peeling with Vegetable Granules, Polyacid fruit and Vitamin E

Light Gommage

Make up base fluid

Wrinkles vial with Elastin and Collagen

Deep hydration vial with Hyaluronic Acid

Purifying fluid

Biphasic Makeup Remover