Body Line

Hand and nails cream with Camomile and Mallow

Foot cream with Aloe and Thyme

Massage base cream

Massage smoothing base cream

Active cellulite cream

Thermo-active cellulite cream

Fluicel cellulite treatment "plus" with phosphatidylcholine

Chocolate Cellulite Treatment

Cellulite gel with Oceanic Seaweed

Hips/abdomen thermo - active gel

Jojoba leg treatment

Deep freeze cold gel

Fangocel cellulite treatment

Thermo - active mud

Thermal mud from the Dead Sea

Water Elixir from the Dead Sea

Stretch marks massage cream

Toning firming body massage cream

Lymphatic drainage massage cream

Drenolio for cosmetic lymphatic draining treatments

Massage breast recipe Collagen / African Kigelia

Granular cream with Microspheres

Sea exfoliating peeling massage in 4 scents

Body scrub with Shea Butter and Sea Salt


Body peeling 26

Cellulite massage oil

After depilation oil

Refreshing Menthol post epil oil

Heating body massage oil

Body sliding neutral massage oil

Sweet Almond pure oil

Grape Seed pure oil

Sesame* pure oil - *from organic farming

Dry oil - body oil

Shea* Butter pure 100% - *from organic farming

Argan* oil pure 100% - *from organic farming

Post hair removal soothing emulsion

Moisturizing body milk

Liquid glace

Cellulite plus serum

Aloe* gel 85% - *from organic farming

Lipo-Slim - cold paraffinic treatment

Lipo-Cell with Phosphatidylcholine and Magnesium Salts

Conductive gel for medical electrical equipment

Cellulite plus vial with Ocean Seaweed

Body-breast toning vial with African Kigelia

Stretch mark treatment vial Collagene and Ginseng